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For General Counseling, Therapy, or Behavioral Health Services, please call:

Customer Service & Referrals:
Phone: (602) 256-0528 

Medications & Prescriptions

Medication Lines (MedLine)

These MedLines are for current consumers at JFCS.  The MedLine is an important tool for you to use for contacting our medical support staff or your JFCS prescriber. 

If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, call 911.

  • Phoenix Clinic [Catalina] MedLine: (602) 353-0703

    • Central Phoenix Clinic [7th Street] MedLine: (602) 452-4630

      Mesa Clinic MedLine: (480) 820-0825

      Glendale Clinic MedLine: (623) 486-8202

      Avondale [West Valley] Clinic MedLine: (623) 234-9811

    • Below are some helpful tips on using the MedLine and managing your medication.

    •    Should you have questions regarding your medication(s), or if you are experiencing possible side effects, leave a detailed message for our staff.  We will return your call as soon as possible.  Calls will be answered in the order of importance.

    •    It is always a good idea to schedule your next appointment before you leave due to the number of future appointments the provider has available.

    •    Keep track of how much medicine you have left of your prescription!

    •    Before contacting the MedLine for a refill on your medication(s), please call the Front Desk to schedule future appointments. Absolutely NO medications will be refilled or prescribed if a future appointment is not already scheduled with your provider.

    •    The fastest way for you to get your medication/s refilled is to call your pharmacy and ask them to fax the provider a refill request.
      The JFCS fax number is (602) 353-0715.

    •    Please contact your pharmacy 3-5 days prior to needing a refill for any prescriptions.

    •    Not all medications can be refilled by requesting a fax. If you need a refill for Adderall, Concerta, Ritalin, Metadate or Dexedrine please leave a message on the MedLine. The medical support staff will call when the prescription is ready to be picked-up at the Front Desk. 

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