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ZOOM: Wooden Nickels

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Wooden Nickels is an original mixed-reality play written and directed by Devorah Medwin.

Join JFCS Center for Senior Enrichment and the actors of Wooden Nickels for three separate programs, with an opportunity for discussion/activity (writing, sharing, etc.), after the first two, and then a live ceremony with Dr. Silverman. In this groundbreaking death literacy episodic program, we meet an average family tackling the difficult realities of aging and end of life on a Zoom call.

As the story unfolds, familial tensions rise between a mother and her three adult daughters as opinions are aired. The individual and collective discomfort becomes all too relatable as they navigate the stark truth about mom’s aging condition and her ending of life decisions. This scripted drama makes a riveting shift into reality when a practitioner joins the call for a pre-arranged real-time info session. At that moment, our actors go off script, but remain in character as they interact with the topic expert.

While the script remains the same, the episode presents distinct learning opportunities, as the practitioner guides the family through common communication barriers and obstacles on route to becoming death literate.

Dr. Howard Silverman, MS, Professor [retired], Founding Chair of the Department of BioMedical Infomatics, Bioethics & Medical Humanism and Family & Community Medicine. Silverman creates a ceremony to help the family process their emotions, facilitate ‘generous listening’ and allow heart-centered insight to lead.