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Ken Sorenson Lecture Series (monthly)

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Ken Sorenson Lecture Series (monthly)

JFCS Center for Senior Enrichment invites you to a 6 month lecture series.

July 28 at 11am: The Hidden Figures of Our Space Race: This is the story of Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, and Dorothy Vaughn who, as the scientist, the engineer, and the supervisor, brought about the wonderful accomplishment of putting our astronauts into space and bringing them home again safely. What makes it even more remarkable is that America was still segregated at that time. These women dealt with those issues with a grace that is truly exemplary.

August 4 at 11am:The 19th Amendment: One hundred years ago, the 19th Amendment was ratified and put into effect. It was an accumulation of years of effort and involved a multitude of people that helped bring about that change. Come and hear the stories of various people throughout our history that stood up in times of need to help support and build the cause of women.

September 12 at 11am: James Madison: James Madison was physically the smallest President we have had. He was 5’4″ tall, weighed about 110 lbs. and often suffered from poor health. However, when you wanted to talk about government and what could be and should be, he was a most interesting conversationalist.

October 12 at 1pm: Discovering America: Marco Polo through Columbus’ generation. What inspired a generation to seek beyond what was known? How did a family’s journey (the Polos) to China in the 1200s effect a generation 2 1/2 centuries later? What effect did Prince Henry the Navigator have on all of this? Who saw what?