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Family, Youth & Children Services

Medical, Behavioral & Counseling Services for Children in Maricopa County

Helping You & Your Child Work towards a Bright Future

Caring for the mental and emotional health of children requires a lot of patience, an open mind, and diligence. The skilled team at Jewish Family & Children’s Service includes highly experienced therapists, counselors, and other professionals who specialize in working with children. We work with children of all ages, including toddlers and infants, and have implemented strategic programs to address the needs of children in safe environments that encourage communication.

0-5 Program

The 0-5 Program is an observation and counseling service that monitors the development children from their birth up to age 5. This program keeps track of your child’s mental and emotional development to ensure that all of their needs are being met. Our team is trained to quickly diagnose any conditions that require special counseling. Diagnosing a condition during this early stage is advantageous as the earlier parents are directed on how to care for special needs, the better equipped the child is to grow in a healthy environment. Parents/caretakers are taught skills in order to meet the needs of their child.

Observations are performed by one of our skilled clinicians, followed by 3 additional observations by a Youth and Family Specialist. At least one observation must be done at your home so that we can receive input from you and monitor the child in the area they are most familiar with. Observations can also be done at daycares, schools, playgrounds, and our play therapy room, but one session must be done at home. After the observations, our team will meet with you and discuss findings. If we find anything of concern we will arrange additional services for you and your child.

Outpatient Mental Health Services

JFCS operates four outpatient clinics in Maricopa County. We provide individual, group and family therapy to address a number of mental health and substance use disorder issues. Our clinicians are trained in trauma informed approaches, motivational interviewing, cognitive therapies and person centered therapeutic approaches that are solution focused. Our goal is to teach our clients the skills they need to manage their own lives.

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