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Substance Abuse Counseling & Recovery in Maricopa County

Overcome Substance Abuse & Improve Mental Health

Many people do not realize that there is a difference between substance abuse and addiction. An addiction is characterized by an uncontrollable need to consume the substance in question, but a substance abuser may go weeks or even months without using. While an addiction is a form of abuse, not all substance abusers are addicts. This is an important distinction to realize because too often people justify substance abuse by rationalizing that they don’t do it all the time and therefore do not need help.

In drug abuse, the abuser feels compelled to partake in the substance even when they know it is hurting them and/or others. For example, someone who only drinks once in a while but grows violent when drunk is a substance abuser. Even if it only occurs once in a while, substance abuse is a serious issue that can have life-changing consequences and you should seek help.

Create a Positive Support System

At Jewish Family & Children’s Service we believe one of the keys to overcoming substance abuse is providing the affected with a positive support system. This can consist of close friends, family, or even just our staff who act as allies in your journey. The program can be provided at home or at one of our clinics.

Our program goals aim to:

  • Promote improved family relationships
  • Help youth develop and employ skills needed to remain clean and sober
  • Prevent relapse
  • Build a proactive lifestyle

Mental health plays a large role in substance abuse. A positive atmosphere is an essential part of treatment so that the client can build self-esteem and understand the benefits of overcoming this condition.

Adolescent Substance Abuse

Substance abuse among young teens is not uncommon and, just like any adult, recovering from it requires support. We have developed an innovative treatment plan for teens age 12-17 and their families to help during this difficult time. We work with clients to develop tangible goals that can be reached one step at a time. Together, we can end this difficult challenge in your life once and for all.

How to Get Services With Integrated Health for Mental Health or Substance Use Disorder Treatment

JFCS has Block Grant Funding specifically allocated to provide services to children that are in need of substance use disorder treatment or mental health treatment that is not otherwise covered by T19/T21 funding. Clients can be served by these funds while awaiting a determination of TXIX/XXI. You must meet certain requirements to be eligible for Block Grant funding, please call for more information 602-256-0528

Cómo obtener servicios de Integrated Health para la salud mental o el tratamiento de trastornos por uso de sustancias

JFCS tiene Financiación de la Beca Block específicamente asignado para proporcionar servicios a niños que necesitan tratamiento para el trastorno por consumo de sustancias o tratamiento de salud mental que no está cubierto de otra manera por la financiación T19/T21. Los clientes pueden ser atendidos por estos fondos mientras esperan una determinación de TXIX/XXI. Usted debe cumplir con ciertos requisitos para ser elegible para el financiamiento de la Beca Block, por favor llame para más información 602-256-0528

Call us today at 602.256.0528 to set up an appointment at the nearest outpatient clinic.

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