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Child Welfare Services

We provide support, education, skill building and safe environments for families referred by the State of Arizona Department of Child Services (ADCS).

Our Youngest Generation: Birth to Five

Children birth to age five who have been abused or neglected are referred by DCS to assess their development and provide emotional, therapeutic, and educational support in a safe environment. We look at their bonding and attachment styles and exposure to unstable family environments that may include domestic violence or substance abuse. The younger we can intervene, the better the opportunity they will have to grow and be healthy.

Family Preservation

Our team provides intensive intervention that begins when a family is in crisis. The program strives to quickly increase safety and decrease the risk of abuse or neglect in order to avoid the removal of the children to foster care. Families participate in communication, budgeting and parenting training to build on their strengths and work to ensure success in keeping a strong, healthy family unit.

Family Reunification

We assist parents in Maricopa County who have children currently residing in foster care. Staff members protect the rights of children and work with them to create an environment that serves their needs. Parents receive training, case management and skill building. Staff, family, and DCS work as a team toward returning children home safely.

Parent Aide

JFCS provides in-home services to parents for improving parenting skills, communication, child development, nurturing and personal problem solving. In addition, we handle supervised visitation of families whose children have been removed by DCS due to abuse or neglect.

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