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Characters and Stages Story Telling Workshop Series: It Takes a Village and Long, Long Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

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In this entertaining and informative eight-week-long story development workshop, Mindy Tarquini will teach unique ways of looking at your stories, both oral and written, as well as provide plenty of time for discussion of individual works and how to apply the teachings. At the end of this session, the storyteller should feel comfortable with figuring out the characters needed to populate their story, and how to use those skills for developing a plot. All levels of storytellers, both of the written and oral tradition, as well as all genres of story are welcome.

The beginning of the series we will explore: It Takes a Village: Who ARE You People?

Characters are the heart and soul of a story. But which characters?

In the second part of the series we will create a story: Long, Long Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

A story must be set someplace. But where? And when? How are those decisions made? Why are those decisions made? What effect does the right setting have on your story? Mindy will use examples from her own works, along with some well-known movies, to demonstrate the struggles and decisions every writer must make when working out one of the fundamental aspects of your written works or story: Um...where are we? And why?

Class requirements: Come to this class with a sense of fun, an open mind, and your imagination. Bring your WIP, a notebook, and your questions, and let's figure out the essential folks needed to populate a story’s village. And if you don’t have a story quite yet, this class might get your imagination going.

Mindy Tarquini is the author of three critically acclaimed novels featuring fables, foibles, fairytales, pandemics, past lives & lost loves. Three critically acclaimed novels featuring fables, foibles, fairytales, pandemics, past lives & lost loves, Mindy Tarquini (tar-quinn-knee) grew up convinced that there are other worlds just one giant step to the left of where she’s standing. A second-generation Italian-American who believes words have power, Mindy’s tales root deep into her culture, and are served up with a side of magic, of whimsy, and sometimes laugh-out-loud humor. Her writing has appeared in Writer’s Digest, Bookpage, Hypable, and other venues. As a writer, Mindy has served several times as a panelist at the Tucson Book Festival and other events, and you may find her happily selling her wares at book and fan cons. Now working on her certificate in Oral Storytelling, Mindy dishes up joyful and original works at local venues, on street corners, and in your library. Information on Mindy’s novels — Hindsight (SparkPress, 2016), The Infinite Now (SparkPress, 2017), and Deepest Blue (SparkPress, 2018) — as well as her social media links, can be found at

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