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Movie Musicals and Beyond with Marcia Weinberg (monthly)

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1-2:00pm: Movie Musicals and Beyond with Marcia Weinberg (monthly)

Join Marcia Weinberg for another fascinating lecture of Movie Musicals and Beyond. You will be blown away by the background and history of musicals from our past and the future.

The history of the movie musical part 1&2 will travel many decades as the movie musical evolved from it's 1928 start with Al Jolson's The Jazz Singer, making stops along the way to consider the influence of the great stars, choreographers and most of all the composers of this new medium.

Part 1:Talkies take over -the 30's and 40's highlighted the talents of Busby Berkely, Fred Astaire, Nelson Eddy & Jeanette Macdonald, Judy and Mickey and many others. It was the time of the Wizard Of Oz and the Astaire/Rogers films .

Part 2 In the 50's the final days of “The Studio System” produced the greatest movie musical, mainly under the guiding hand of MGM and its stable of stars, directors and composers. But competition from TV and new music tastes threatened the status quo.