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16 Best Packaged Snacks for Diabetes, From a Nurse Practitioner

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  • Written By: Caren Pfieffer, FNP
16 Best Packaged Snacks for Diabetes, From a Nurse Practitioner

When you’re managing diabetes, having grab-and-go snacks can make life a lot easier. But what packaged snacks are best? With so many on the market, it can be tricky to choose healthy snacks that keep your stomach full without making your blood sugar too low or too high.

When recommending the best packaged snacks for diabetes, I start with selecting items that are considered low in glycemic index. Snacks with a low glycemic index will not cause high sugar spikes. They’re also better at managing and sustaining a controlled glucose range when paired with a walking program and the antidiabetic medication/s prescribed by your primary clinician or endocrine specialist. Next, I make sure packaged snacks for diabetes contain more fiber, protein and other beneficial nutrients than other available products, and (preferably) contain a plant-based fat source. Finally, I try to cover a range of budgets and choose snacks you can find at most grocery stores or that can be easily purchased online.

To help you choose the best packaged snacks for diabetes, I’ve listed products in six snack categories, from crackers to popcorn to snack bars and everything in between. You’ll find plenty of great go-to options that not only taste terrific but help you keep your blood sugar—and your health—in check.




Snack Bars


Best for Kids (and good for adults, too!)
All of the products below come in packages. When necessary, use an icepack to preserve coldness.

Caren Pfieffer

Caren Pfieffer is a family nurse practitioner for Jewish Family & Children’s Service’s Michael R. Zent Healthcare Center in Phoenix.