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Alexis Schallenberger

A cadre of doctors, nurses, surgeons, occupational therapists and the like who cared for my husband, Steve Schallenberger, are legacies in their own right. However, the compassion and caring of JFCS is what kept us going through the plethora of medical events and unfortunately his untimely passing on May 30, 2018. Steve Schallenberger built his career solving difficult problems – his last assignment, Sr. Quality Engineer – Space Station and Shuttle. What he saw with JFCS was nonprofit that had everything to win a Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award and system approaches to implement a Lean Enterprise System and apply Six Sigma methodology. More importantly, was the smile on his face and his enthusiasm when he told people I worked for JFCS and the impact of services in Maricopa County.

Our life together was a rich tapestry, as bold, colorful, and varied as his collection of Hawaiian shirts. Steve and I embraced the madness, chased our dreams, and ended up in Wonderland knowing why Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride has two seats. I’ve got a bit more of my life story to go yet, and no doubt there will be more twists and turns to come. But whatever lies ahead in my story, I’m inspired to make sure it is as well written as Steve’s was. The affinity we felt towards JFCS, resulted in conversations of leaving a legacy gift – honoring the past and investing in the future. Steadfast believers in leaving a legacy that would help people at an organization that means so much to us. We shared the JFCS vision and values, and with a legacy gift, it will directly impact thousands of lives in Maricopa County. Our Life & Legacy honors Steve Schallenberger, and only fitting that I formalized the gift on his birthday, January 30, 2019.

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