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Life & Legacy Society Members

Judy Ackerman and Richard Epstein
Sue and David Adatto
Philip Adelman
Sari Alldredge Roth
Phyllis and Ron Anatole*
Anonymous (12)
Andrea and David Arkow
Shirley Askuvich*
Gail and Michael Baer
Lore and Leo Baer*
Daron Barness
Tricia and Andy Beran
Carmela and Michael Blank
Karen and Jay Bycer
Wendy and David Carriere
Rose* and Michael Choffnes
Cindy and Adam Brooks Family
Priscilla and Louis Cohen
Francine L. Coles
Janice and Dean Dinner
Dr. Abraham Tamis Memorial Fund*
Diane Eckstein
Flo and Paul Eckstein
John Eckstein
Rhoda Pack Eisenberg*
Ellen and Lee Eisinberg
Corrine F. Erlich*
Estate of Bettie M. Miller*
Estate of Rhoda Krasno Tannenbaum*
Nancy and Ike Feiges
Meri and Steve* Friedman
Jay Fruchtman
Glenn Gerston
Marcia and Norman* Goodman
Carrol Gottfried
Walter Gray in Honor of Michael Steinberg
Anita and Jerome Gutkin
Dr. Lorrie Henderson
Herman S. & Golda Mandell Living Trust*
Adrien Herzberg*
Jerry Hirsch
Dora and Bernard Jacobs*
Stephanie and Frank Jacobson
Lynn and Lawrence Kahn
Carol and Allan Kern
Ellen and Robert Kirschenbaum
Helen and Ed Korrick
Arlene and Michael Lanes*
Chu and Stuart Lazar
Betty and Allan Levy*
Tracey and Larry Lytle
Judith Mallin Efron
Joan and Lawrence Marcus
Irvin H. Markovitz*
Melissa Medvin-Flancer and Jeffrey Flancer
Robert Meza
Susan and Herbert* Miller
Tanya and Bill Miller
Andi and Sherman* Minkoff
Nancy and Larry Moffitt
Bruce Nager*
Gail and Edward Ober
Dr. Steven L. Oscherwitz
Packer Family Trust
Felicia and Glenn Pahnke
Ruth B. Pearson*
Helen Pezdirtz*
Philip and Elaine Katzge Designated Fund*
Philip & Judith Hirsch Charitable Remainder Trust*
Nicole and Andrew Portnoy
Lynn Posen*
Rachel and Elliot Rabinovich
Janet* and Tom Rees
Valerie and Herschel Richter
Robert I. Sweet Charitable Remainder Trust*
Muriel Ross*
Susie and Bob Roth
Madeline and Sheldon Roth*
Alexis and Steve* Schallenberger
Lenore and Eugene* Schupak
Ellie Schwartzberg
Ruth and Edward Schwarz*
Linda Scott
Carol and Ken Seidberg
Enid and Michael Seiden
Lola and Jacob Shapiro
Paula and Arlie Sherman
Alice J. Singer*
Drs. Edna & Arthur Sitelman
Clara Stander*
Susan and Paul Stander
Nan and Paul Steiner*
Sarae Steremberg
Emily and Adam Thaler
Ruth Wachs
Rita and Roger Walton
Naomi* and Gerald Weiner
Henriette Weiss
Wexler Family Foundation
Lisa and Richard Wolf
Barbara and Barry Zemel
Michael R. Zent*
Laura Ziff

* of blessed memory