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Jeff Flancer Story

Jeff Flancer and Melissa Medvin

In 2014, seeking a constructive way to cope with his 15 year old son’s tragic death, Jeff created the JFCS Max Flancer Youth Assistance Fund, to ensure Arizona children and teens have access to quality behavioral healthcare.

Flancer recalls, “Max was a good-hearted boy who loved music, taking piano for nine years and guitar for four years. One of his proudest accomplishments was making the jazz band at his school in seventh grade, an unusual achievement. He had already composed about 100 songs, with five of those songs played at his services.” Max lived with depression, as so many young people do, and Jeff said his family did everything possible to help Max.

“It’s hard to get quality mental health treatment, but JFCS helps make it easier for those seeking it. There is a great need in the community to help young people that don’t have the resources within their family budget or wherewithal to cope with this issues being confronted. The price to pay now to help these young people through these donations is way less then all alternatives and gives them a better opportunity to succeed, enjoy and have a fruitful American life.” says Flancer.

“There was a time I was more into taking than giving. Now that I’ve had some success, I really want to give back and help the community. Too often, we take all the trappings of our lives for granted and settle back into our comfortable surroundings, looking away or ignoring those in need. This is something I cannot do, and that is why we are engaging our patrons and the public in taking a moment to really think of those less fortunate.”

Arizonans didn’t know their future luck, when 18-year-old Jeff Flancer entered the Culinary Institute of American in Hyde Park, NY to become a chef. After 20 years of working his way up in the restaurant industry, learning new cuisines, and honing his culinary skills, Jeff and his family moved to Arizona to open Flancer’s Gourmet Grub. Jeff has been filling the hearts and stomachs of East Valley residents ever since. Flancer’s serves “genuine comfort food with sublime & stimulating twists” and has locations in Mesa and Gilbert. Jeff’s talent, passion, and tenacity have set him apart in the restaurant industry, but his dedication to helping out the less fortunate has put him into a league all his own.

Jeff Flancer has made JFCS the beneficiary of a percentage his IRA (Individual Retirement Account) to ensure that his beloved son Max’s legacy lives on for future generations.

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