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Arizona Charitable Tax Credit FAQs

What is it?

The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit is a tax credit for people who have made donations during the tax year to a Qualifying Charitable Organization (QCO) such as Jewish Family & Children’s Service (JFCS).

What Does This Mean for You?

When you donate to JFCS, you will receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona state income tax return. This means that you can SUBTRACT the amount of your donation from the amount of taxes that you owe. It’s an easy way to help children and adults in need overcome mental health and life challenges.

Can I Receive Multiple Tax Credits?

Yes. You can participate in all of the AZ tax credit programs, and receive a separate tax credit for each donation you make.

How Much Will I Receive?

If you are a single taxpayer, you can receive a charitable tax credit up to $470. Couples filing jointly can receive up to $938 credit on their Arizona State income tax return. It is a direct dollar-for-dollar credit back to you.

How Does It Work?

Make your donation to JFCS by mail or online. List JFCS as your charitable organization along with your donation amount on AZ Form 321. Our QCO code is 20255. Every Arizona taxpayer who donates to JFCS qualifies for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. You do not need to itemize deductions to claim the tax credit.

Need More Information?

Call 480-689-8400 to learn more.