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The Simple Things We Take for Granted

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The Simple Things We Take for Granted

"Home" is so difficult and so treacherous for some children, they have to be rescued from their own parents.

It happened with a girl I'll call Tina. Her mother was mentally ill, drug-addicted, and wildly unpredictable. Tina was in and out of foster care her entire life.

When she had a baby at the age of 17, she was determined to give her son a good life -- but her mother actually threw them both out on the street.

With your support, you provided Tina with therapy to heal her emotional scars. Through our Real World Job Development Program, you helped her to obtain her GED and guided her through the process to become a certified nursing assistant.

We are happy to say that today, she and her little boy Toby have their own apartment and Tina has started her career as a CNA!

Tina's story isn't unique. There are over 19,000 children in the Arizona foster care system who are hurting, and who need the same kind of love and support that changed Tina's life forever.

We need your help today to help more children in need.

Please see the impact of your gifts here:

The summer months are here. Kids coming through our door need even more support as they are out of school for the summer. Our therapists often include social activities and hobbies (like playing baseball or dance class) as part of their treatment therapy plans, but funds are needed for these activities.

Together, we can fill the gap. Something simple like a set of clothes or a chance to play ball makes all the difference in the world to a foster child with nothing. Your compassion and generosity will make a difference for a child this Summer -- just like it did for Tina.

Help us with a simple gift today.