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Arkow: How philanthropy can make your own life better

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Arkow: How philanthropy can make your own life better

I’ve found that there is no “right way” to give and that many people have rituals for ensuring that philanthropy is incorporated consistently into their lives.

While my professional role is to encourage support for the life-changing services that my organization provides to individuals and families across the Valley, it also affords me the opportunity to meet some of the most compassionate individuals that care deeply about their community.

For many of the people I’ve met, philanthropy or “why they give” is something profoundly ingrained in their being and deeply rooted in their faith. The concept of generosity has been passed down through families, as donors will often remember a grandparent whose widespread generosity left a lasting impression and even inspired them to continue that legacy. Some have been personally touched or inspired by something — hardship, loss, a health scare — that may have prompted a call to act. What drives people to give doesn’t matter...

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