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Career Services

Jewish Career Services assists Jewish individuals who have recently lost their jobs, have been unemployed for up to two years, or are underemployed. This program helps to prepare an individual for a successful job search process though resume writing and interview skills.

Unlike other workforce connection programs that work with thousands of individuals as a time, JFCS Career Services is easily accessible and offers personal, one-on-one attention with a customized plan to become savvy in today’s competitive job market.

JFCS knows that looking for a job can be a full-time endeavor and when you have concerns about your basic needs, it can be distracting. However, when your needs are met, it is a big relief. Being unemployed can take a toll on your self-confidence, so JFCS offers counseling services on a sliding scale to ensure everyone who needs behavioral health services has access to them.

Career Coaching

JFCS contracts with a career coach (Martha Rockwell) who is also a professional resume writer. Career coaching focuses on fine-tuning an individual’s job search skills, as in today’s world, understanding the job search process and how it works is incredibly important. The JFCS career coach works with clients on the interviewing process, and prepares the client to answer questions confidently, effectively and efficiently. She also coaches on the nuances of networking which is crucial in finding sought after employment opportunities. As no two clients are the same, she works with each individual to meet his/her specific needs in an effort to maximize their potential of successfully landing employment.

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To be a candidate for Jewish Career Services, an individual must be Jewish, unemployed (up to a period of two years), or underemployed.

All Inquiries:
Contact Kathy Rood, Manager of Jewish Social Services or 602-452-4627.